Mauricio Castro

Hugo Díaz

Diana Cuesta

Mauricio Varón



Violin / Vocals

Rhythm Guitar

Fabián Parra

Juan Salazar

Andrea Andrade

Lead Guitar




2003: The Beginning

Impromtus ad morteM was founded in 2003 in Ibagué, Colombia by Mauricio Castro (drums), Mauricio Varón (electric guitar), Diana Cuesta (voice and violin) and Walter Monsalve (keyboards). With the need to enrich their musical perspective and take this project in a more serious way, Hugo Díaz joined the band. Hugo provided the desired vocal style that the band was looking for (harsh and clean).

Diego Nieto (R.I.P) joined the band as the bass player afterwards, he started working on the material that had been produced to that moment.
Soon after, in order to strengthen their sound atmosphere, an important work was been carried out together with Andrea Andrade (Oboe), in order to evoke a special arcane and depressive sound which the band had always longed to achieve.

A demo with 3 songs was recorded in 2005, this demo represented a sample of the material produced by the band and thus to be known within the national scene.

In 2005, Diego Nieto died unexpectedly, this represented a blow to the group (Peace in your grave, brother). After this devastating event, Daniel Parra joined the band to take the position of bassist. He brought a new style of execution and the necessary enthusiasm to continue working. In December 2006, the line-up was strengthened with the incorporation of maestro Ricardo Vega, playing the cello, and who finally ended up compacting this musical proposal; Thus, they achieved their own and unique sound which is the main Impromtus ad mortem characteristic.

2007: Infortunio

In 2007 Impromtus ad morteM presented their debut album “INFORTUNIO”, the result of a long musical work and dedication as a group. This record was produced under their own label, Artgot Records. The album release could not have a better opening stage than the largest open-air rock festival in South America; Rock al Parque, which became a trigger for achievements and acclamations for the band, thanks to their presentation which was described as mind-blowing.

In 2008 the band was awarded as the best group in the category of best gothic or melodic metal band in the Subterránica awards. The band also received several awards in magazines and blogs specialized in the genre, not only national but in other Latin American countries as well.

2010: Edén a luz centuria

In 2010, the band released their EP "EDÉN A LUZ CENTURIA" under the Swedish independent label SALUTE RECORDS. The album received positive reviews and acceptance in countries such as Sweden, Poland, France, Germany and Canada.

In 2011 the band held a symphonic concert playing together with the University of Tolima symphonic orchestra, with arrangements of maestro Ricardo Vega and directed by maestro Cesar Zambrano, renowned director, composer and Colombian cello player.

Later in the same year, Walter Monsalve left the band due his incorporation as a musician for the Colombian National Navy, (Bon voyage, naval officer).

2014: Renacer

RENACER is the second full-length work produced by the band, it was released in 2014. Despite having some issues during its production, great songs are performed and the album maintains the strength and sound characteristic of the group.

“… It really was a difficult musical work to produce, at that time all the members were living in different cities and we were busy with other personal and professional commitments, leaving musical commitments aside. The composition was done separately and the assembly and recording was done when we had the opportunity to meet. - (Mauricio Castro, IaM)

In 2015 Daniel Parra decides to leave the group due to new commitments with his professional career, therefore Juan Salazar takes his place as the bass player, and in order to have a denser and more compact sound, Fabián Parra joins the band as well, providing a new guitar sound and giving more force to the already unique and own style of the band.

In 2016 Manuel Reyes was invited to play the keyboards to reproduce those melodies and dark atmospheres again. In 2017, maestro Ricardo Vega decides to leave the band for personal reasons. Thus, from this point, a new musical exploration begins taking the sound of the band in new directions.

2019: Symphonies of the Death

2019 is the year to present our new album: “SYMPHONIES OF THE DEATH”, which is the product of a renewal and evolution of the band's sound. This album has a different composition line than the previous albums, giving a greater presence to the guitar riffs and a melodic load by the violin and the oboe, which make this work a new bet for symphonic metal.

We invite you to listen to this new work and to be part of this musical story called Impromtus ad morteM.


Impromtus ad morteM


Edén a luz centuria


Demo 2005


EP 2010


Symphonies of the Death


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